The Natural Eye

It has been a busy summer of drawing out on location and the exceptional weather this year has made it a real pleasure to be out at the crack of dawn or late into the evening.

I was fortunate enough to receive a bursary from the Society of Wildlife Artists to attend the John Busby Seabird Drawing Course in East lothian in June. And it was an unforgettable week of new friendships, inspiration, the highs and lows of wrestling with subject matter and drawing conditions from glaring sunshine to drawing-snatching winds and the queasy motion of a small boat. We experienced the grandeur of impregnable sea stacks, rocky islands and pinnacled cliffs, swirling masses of birdlife overhead to sitting in the very midst of a gannet colony surrounded by sharply poised beaks and watchful eyes. It was a glimpse of life at its most vital and brutal.

Stack and Swirling Kittiwakes
Bass Rock Boat 1

A selection of my drawings and paintings made on location during this week as well as several framed works completed on location elsewhere in Scotland will be on show at The Natural Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London next month 25th October-4th November.

The Ledge.jpg