RSW 5th Summer Open Annual Exhibition

The RSW show opens this weekend in Forfar with a wide selection of work in water-based media. I'll be showing two works both inspired by some of my travels and the result of much experimentation. I find that working across a variety of media leads naturally to approaching work in new ways as one discipline informs the other and my printmaking practice has had a strong influence on the development of these pieces. 

 This is one of a series of "Lost Postcards" from Cuba, my postcards (those which turned up) took over six months to reach the UK leading to questions around communications and freedom of speech both within Cuba and its relationship with the wider world.

Below, a painting on constructed papers reflecting the wonderful higgeldy-piggeldy effect of crumbling plaster, painted signs, posters and other ephemera which captivated me in India. 

For more details and opening times follow the link: 

Christmas Exhibitions

I thought this was a suitably wintry picture to accompany a selection of other works in linocut and painting at the Frames Christmas Exhibition (13th November - 30th January)

There will also be a a couple of my linocuts on show at the House for an Art Lover Christmas Exhibition (24th November - 18th January)

Further north I have recently sent a selection of new linocuts  to Gallery 48 in Cromarty and will also be bringing some of my most recent works to the Castle Gallery in Inverness later this month